The Dharma body is formless.
Since we all have our own ways of perceiving things,
forms and experiences ought to be different.

Forest of Gems in the Garden of the Dharma


Buddhism originated from Śākyamuni Buddha’s teachings during the 6th century BCE. Through the Silk Road and the maritime route, the philosophy was disseminated to South Asia’s Sri Lanka, the Himalayan Region’s Nepal and Tibet, East Asia’s China, Korea and Japan, as well as South East Asia’s Indonesia and countries along the Indochina Peninsula. Buddhism not only had a profound impact in terms of Asia’s religious meaning, but also on Buddhist art traditions.

Through Asia’s many Buddhist branches’ artworks, the Museum exhibits present the audience with a glimpse of different historical periods and countries. Moreover, the use of high quality images and sculptures, interactive models and caption labels highlight Asian Buddhist art’s beauty and elegance.