Embracing Spirituality: Your KOL•Alex Fong


【Embracing Spirituality: Your KOL – Mr. Alex Fong】

We eagerly want those of you at home to check out our Short KOL Docent Video series! On behalf of the Museum, we hope that you have a concise and easily accessible introduction of the Museum exhibits. We want to be your online docent, guiding you to appreciate Buddhist art's resplendency.

July – Transcending Space, Unhindered Perspectives

Maitreya Bodhisattva, The Benevolent One, is the successor of Śākyamuni Buddha and hence the Future Buddha. Before attaining Buddhahood, Bodhisattva Maitreya preaches and practises in his celestial abode in Tuṣita Heaven, while waiting for the right time to be reborn into the sentient world. He will attain Enlightenment and Buddhahood, hold the Three Great Assemblies under the Dragon Tree, deliver sentient beings from sufferings and help them realise Arhatship.

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