Standing Weituo


April – Devoted Abode, Protecting Oneself and Others

The pandemic situation is still affecting our social lives, yet inner selves need to flow steadily. Maintaining a high morale does not have to mean going out with family and friends; comfort can also be found when we are staying at home with family or alone, living safely and in peace. Reminiscent of Indra’s Net metaphor, may we protect ourselves and others, closely intertwined as a community.

All sentient beings, including us can be vulnerable, so sometimes we require protection and mutual support. Did you know that as stable as the Buddha may seem, he still requires protection? When he was meditating under the Bodhi Tree in Bōdh Gayā, he encountered heavy storms for seven days. Worried about the Buddha, the Nāga King rushed to guard the Enlightened One with his serpentine body. Similarly, when you protect others, others will guard you in reciprocity. Together, we share Nāga King’s universal protection with your family and other relatives.

Standing Weituo China | Late Ming to Early Qing dynasty #2@101

In traditional Chinese Buddhist Monasteries, Weituo Bodhisattva stands behind Maitreya Buddha and in front of the Grand Buddha Hall. A youthful and serene figure, Weituo wears golden armour and holds onto a vajra as he protects the Monastery and Dharma. We can be our own Weituo; our own Dharma Protector! By practicing mindfulness and discovering our inner selves, our community can be more harmonious.

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