Manifesting Dharma: Bust of Buddha


Manifesting Dharma: Buddhist Art 101

Each “Buddhist Art 101" spiritual card introduces each sculpture's inspirations and history. They also allow the public to get closer with each artwork and appreciate Buddhist Art. Visitors are welcome to print them out, reminding themselves to keep a peaceful mind and to take care of their families under all circumstances.

June - Transient Moments, Cherished Moments
In life, experiences can sometimes feel long and short. Spontaneity and eternity are both parts of duality and oneness. We can see eternity in cherishing one moment forever. That one encounter with friends, whether long or short, is a blessing and if treated carefully, we can find true satisfaction and happiness.
■Bust of Buddha China | Northern Qi #9@101
The diaphanous and close-fit kāṣāya, covering both shoulders, is devoid of drapery depiction. This is a key characteristic showing the stylistic influence of Indian Buddhist art on Qingzhou Statuary.
In life, there are moments that touch us. Whether they are good or bad, happy or sad, these moments will never come again. Therefore, we must cherish it; the moment treasured in our memories forever.
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