Finding Essence: The Buddha’s Eternal Wisdom - Solemnity


【Finding Essence: The Buddha’s Eternal Wisdom】
Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum has a vast array of Museum exhibits spanning from different historical periods and geographical locations. As they were created a long time ago, we do not know the exact reasons behind making each artefact. Through the Three Baskets of Buddhist Canon and Twelve Scriptural Categories, we will explore how each artwork transformed from scriptures to artistic masterpieces.
May viewers experience the Buddha’s silent, yet powerful teachings depicted through each of the Museum exhibits.

The Buddha’s image gives people a sense of calm and happiness.
After all, artists create masterpieces to reflect classical scriptures.

This word, solemnity, summarises classical texts’ mentioning of the 32 major marks and 80 minor marks of a Great Being. These special iconographies appear because the Buddha previously practiced infinite benevolent acts. Thus, he manifested a sense of perfection.  

Having these great characteristics and when practicing compassion, it brings all sentient beings the utmost joy. But when one observes with wisdom and emptiness, we will discover that these solemn characteristics are all but an illusion.


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