Finding Essence: The Buddha’s Eternal Wisdom - Endless Possibilities


【Finding Essence: The Buddha’s Eternal Wisdom】
Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum has a vast array of Museum exhibits spanning from different historical periods and geographical locations. As they were created a long time ago, we do not know the exact reasons behind making each artefact. Through the Three Baskets of Buddhist Canon and Twelve Scriptural Categories, we will explore how each artwork transformed from scriptures to artistic masterpieces.
May viewers experience the Buddha’s silent, yet powerful teachings depicted through each of the Museum exhibits.

■Endless Possibilities
Open-heartedness is through proper cultivation of our mentality. We can be like the Buddha himself – encapsulated by his solemn body, his brilliant merits shining from benevolent acts and teachings.

Through these qualities, we can achieve supreme enlightenment – its rewards abundant.

Maintaining this positive approach, we can move forward in pursuit of the Buddha’s path that lays before us and help those sentient beings in need. 


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