Finding Essence: The Buddha’s Eternal Wisdom - Calmness Within


【Finding Essence: The Buddha’s Eternal Wisdom】
Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum has a vast array of Museum exhibits spanning from different historical periods and geographical locations. As they were created a long time ago, we do not know the exact reasons behind making each artefact. Through the Three Baskets of Buddhist Canon and Twelve Scriptural Categories, we will explore how each artwork transformed from scriptures to artistic masterpieces.
May viewers experience the Buddha’s silent, yet powerful teachings depicted through each of the Museum exhibits.

■Calmness Within
Calmness from within is due to a peaceful environment externally, and tranquillity within our hearts internally. 

Buddhist monasteries have a tradition to worship Dharma Protectors. In response to this dedicated practice, these deities fervently protect the Buddhist community to bring peacefulness and well-being spiritually. 

Outside of the Monastery, we tend to live in our own bubbles. However, if we show good intentions and trust in the Dharma, the Dharma Protectors will protect us and ensure serenity within our everyday lives.


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