Ep. 1: Zen Art•Venerable Chi Chern

Originating from Malaysia, Venerable Chi Chern was inspired by Venerable Zhu Muo to become a Buddhist monk. Starting out as the President of the Young Buddhist Association and the Head of the Malaysian Buddhist Institute, Venerable Chi Chern was responsible for different youth camps and meditation programmes.

Through various art mediums such as tea, calligraphy and painting, Venerable Chi Chern guides audiences to experience how they can integrate these skills into one, holistic spiritual practice.

Date & Time:

18th April


This episode is a part of the activity held by Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum in 2019.

Ep. 1 of 3, Speechless Art (18/04): This is the lecture given by Venerable Chi Chern. Please click the link below to watch. Enjoy!

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Venerable Chi Chern