The Oasis: A Practitioner's Talk Series (S1Ep4)


【The Oasis: A Practitioner's Talk Series】
Everyone is a practitioner in time and space. In life, we meet different types of people. In this series, we discuss with experts from different fields, expanding our understanding of Buddhist teaching and Buddhist art.

Season I : Walking on the Mindful Path
The word road can be the pathway under our feet, the mindful journey looking for the meaning of our lives, or the road to discover different artworks' historical clues. Let us follow these concrete and abstract roads, finding our own way in life.

S1 Ep.4 Reminiscing Buddhist Temples of Hong Kong
Date and Time: 30th August 2020 (Sun), 03:00PM-04:30PM
Dr. Billy Tang | Director of Society of Hong Kong History
Language: Cantonese

Buddhism in Hong Kong originated from China. Due to the Fragrant Harbour’s special history and geographical location, there were unique developments which occurred here. It was one of the many hubs that Chinese Buddhism spread to. Let us embark on a short trip to Hong Kong’s Buddhist historical sites, and discover old memories together of important people and places.

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