A Journey on the Camino de Santiago (Review 2)


【The Oasis: A Practitioner's Talk Series】
Everyone is a practitioner in time and space. In life, we meet different types of people. In this series, we discuss with experts from different fields, expanding our understanding of Buddhist teaching and Buddhist art.

・Season I: Walking on the Mindful Path
 From May to July, we focus on the concept of road. The word road can be the pathway under our feet, the mindful journey looking for the meaning of our lives, or the road to discover different artworks' historical clues. Let us follow these concrete and abstract roads, finding our own way in life.

Ep. 2: A Journey on the Camino de Santiago
In this talk, we will go to a more distant land, one near the Atlantic Ocean. We will discuss about a well-known pilgrim route called "Camino de Santiago.” We invited Salvador, our colleague from Tsz Shan Monastery, to share his spiritual experience through the walking along the route. Stepping into the world of religion and different countries, we find the true meaning of mindfulness.

Salvador Miguel |
 Executive Assistant of Tsz Shan Monastery

Language: English

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