Buddhism and International Modern Art - Ep. 1, 2 (Review)


【Buddhism and International Modern Art】Ep. 1, 2 (Review)

Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum held a public talk called “Buddhism and International Modern Art”. It now has Chinese and English sub-titles, so that for those interested, you can review as you please.

The guest speaker, Felix Kwok, discussed about how Buddhism impacted International Modern Art. This is a special research topic, relatively unexplored by other researchers. We hope that these learning resources inspire you to have a new perspective! Check out the talks in the link below:

Tutor: Felix Kwok, Sotheby’s Director of Asia

Language: Putonghua & Cantonese

Date: 26th April and 3rd May 2020 (Sun)

Class playlist link: https://bit.ly/2Xei51K

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