Embracing Spirituality: Your KOL•Ven. Abbot Thong Hong

【Your KOL – Venerable Thong Hong, Abbot of Tsz Shan Monastery】
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June – Transient Moments, Cherished Memories
According to this “Pillar carved with the Uṣṇīṣavijaya dhāraṇīsūtra”, the young deva Susthita knowing that his life would be ended in seven days went to seek help from Śākyamuni Buddha. The latter expounded this Sūtra to him and instructed him the way to recite it to save himself. This scripture was thus known for its extraordinary power in saving people from death and hell torture, and helping them to be reborn in the Buddhist paradise. The practice of erecting pillars carved with this Sūtra to eliminate disasters and invoke longevity began in the Tang dynasty and continued for centuries through the Liao and Jin dynasties.
In life, experiences can sometimes feel long and short. Spontaneity and eternity are both parts of duality and oneness. We can see eternity in cherishing one moment forever. That one encounter with friends, whether long or short, is a blessing and if treated carefully, we can find true satisfaction and happiness.  
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