Manifesting Dharma: Standing Bodhidharma


Manifesting Dharma: Buddhist Art 101

Each “Buddhist Art 101" spiritual card introduces each sculpture's inspirations and history. They also allow the public to get closer with each artwork and appreciate Buddhist Art. Visitors are welcome to print them out, reminding themselves to keep a peaceful mind and to take care of their families under all circumstances.

July - Transcending Space, Unhindered Perspectives

In the blink of an eye, another page has turned. It is now July, a blossoming summer month. During the past six months, many people could not travel far and wide. As long as you are open to discovering and appreciating beauty, you can also transcend the limitations of space. Perhaps the most valuable thing about "traveling" is a place to understand your inner heart. You need not travel far, but to cherish every moment in your life.

Standing Bodhidharma   China | Ming dynasty     #15@101

Bodhidharma was China’s first Chan Buddhist patriarch. He was born in the Indian regions and from a young age, he took a great interest in exploring Buddhist scriptures and Mahāyāna Buddhist theory. During Emperor Wu of Liang’s Putong era (520-526 CE), Bodhidharma took the sea route to Guangzhou. Later, he travelled north to Shaolin Temple and Mount Song, where he gained enlightenment through intense meditation. 

No matter where we are or what our circumstances we go through, please remember to have an open, infinite mind. Your inner self can travel far and wide throughout the spiritual universe with the Bodhidharma’s teachings.

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