Manifesting Dharma: Seated Śākyamuni Buddha


Manifesting Dharma: Buddhist Art 101

Each “Buddhist Art 101" spiritual card introduces each sculpture's inspirations and history. They also allow the public to get closer with each artwork and appreciate Buddhist Art. Visitors are welcome to print them out, reminding themselves to keep a peaceful mind and to take care of their families under all circumstances.

May – Inner Peace, Unimpeded Practice
When your heart is at ease, your wisdom is awakened. Normally, we tend to focus on the outer world, its distractions occupy our minds and prevents us from self-contemplation. Take time to settle down, gathering your thoughts and emotions. Recognise that impermanence is a normality, and at the end of the day, everything will be alright.
■Seated Śākyamuni Buddha Thailand | Sukhothai Kingdom #6@101
When the Buddha was meditating under the Bodhi Tree, the Demon King Māra led a demon army against him. In response, the Buddha sat defiantly in the earth-touching gesture and gradually quelled the demon soldiers.
In fact, we can understand that the earth-touching gesture is the same as meditation. No matter what situation you encounter in life, as long as you remain calm and act in a timely manner, you can always achieve positive results. Similar to the Buddha defeating Māra, we can transform a hazard into an opportunity.
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