The Oasis: A Practitioner's Talk Series (Overview)


【The Oasis: A Practitioner's Talk Series】(Overview)

Like water, time continues to flow – the same as our “The Oasis” series! Looking back at the first two episodes, we explored Buddhism’s Western journey to India and understood the Buddha’s teachings. Then, we embarked on the spiritual journey along the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

In August, we will have two new episodes to rediscover the East Asian world. We will first travel eastwards to Japan and learn about several head temples in Shingon Buddhism. Lastly, we will return locally to Hong Kong, discussing about old Buddhist monasteries and the religious connections between us and our city.

Season I: Walking on the Mindful Path

・Upcoming in August:

Ep. 3 – A Journey through Shingon Monasteries|Mr. Jesse Lyew

Date & Time: 16th August (Sunday), 3PM-4:30PM

Ep. 4 – Reminiscing Buddhist Temples of Hong Kong|Dr. Billy Tang

Date & Time: 30th August (Sunday), 3PM-4:30PM


Ep. 1 – A Pilgrimage of the Buddha's Footprints|Venerable Youzhe

Ep.2 – A Journey on the Camino de Santiago|Mr. Salvador Miguel

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